"F" your feelings when it comes to FOOD

Well, another Nutrition Challenge has come to an end. We know some had amazing results and we can't wait to celebrate your accomplishments at the CF 7220 Holiday Party on Saturday December 1st! Hopefully you've developed new habits that will stick. Maybe it's cutting out snacks or eliminating/reducing bread and other processed foods from your diet. We are entering into a challenging time of year and we hope you don't revert back to many of your poor eating habits just because "it's the holidays!" Sure, we should indulge a bit and enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie next week, and if we are eating clean and watching our portions outside of the big holiday meal, it won't have an overall negative i

Aging Actively

Since most of you at CrossFit 7220 do not have the privilege of spending time with our senior athletes each week; we wanted to you to know they are really quite amazing. They are dedicated, hard working and the epitome of utilizing their fitness outside of the gym. We get to hear their stories of no longer needing bone density medication due to their participation in CrossFit. In fact we recently had a new senior join us who's physician recommended CrossFit for her osteopenia in order to avoid medication! These seniors return from trips overseas bragging of their ability to climb mountains, outlast their younger traveling companions, handle heavy luggage with ease, and enjoy all of their act

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