Week 3: SLEEP!

When it comes to physical fitness, body composition and health; sleep is just as important as drinking water, eating healthy and getting exercise. Being well rested is a key component in weight loss/management and leads to overall better health. Poor and insufficient sleep alter hormone levels in the body that help to regulate hunger and satiety. Lack of sleep can make us eat more during our waking hours, and also drive us to crave less healthful foods.The amount of good sleep a body gets is directly related to maintaining a healthy diet and muscle to body fat ratio. Everyone needs 7.5 hours +/-30 min of sleep in order to function optimally and maintain health. The average American gets 6.5

Week 2: Mind/Body Connection

Ok, ok.... many of us see this title and roll our eyes and think, "here comes the woo,woo stuff" But the connection the mind has on bodily functions and overall health is undeniable. A person can eat a perfect diet and never miss a workout and something can still be... off. This week, pay attention to the following things that can contribute to our mental well-being: 1. stress 2. mindset 3. connection with others STRESS: When we are stressed, a hormone in our body called cortisol is produced. Certain levels of cortisol are healthy, but chronically elevated cortisol makes us vulnerable to developing higher blood pressure, diabetes, lowered immunity, digestive issues and weight gain to name ju


You can always make more money, make more friends and acquire more knowledge- but without your health none of it matters…. It’s the time of year when we continue to adjust to new schedules. Things get busy and we often forget to take care of ourselves. Bad habits creep back in and then the holidays hit pushing us further into neglect of our personal health. Let’s take a deep breath and focus on a few simple things this fall that can help us avoid getting too far off track. By stepping into the doors at CrossFit 7220, you already demonstrate your desire to be healthier; but inattention to other areas in your life prevents you from addressing overall health. A workout will not make up for a po


Seems like we just did the Open 6 months ago...... Well, we did! Since CrossFit is moving the Open to October, we get TWO Open's in 2019! For those new to CrossFit.... The Open is a worldwide online competition. It costs $20 to participate. A workout is released every week for 5 weeks. Scores are submitted online where athletes can view their rankings amongst CrossFitters all over the world. The top competitors get an automatic invitation to the CrossFit Games next summer. Not an aspiring Games Athlete? Most who sign up are not! Even if you scale the green circle version of every WOD, the Open is a great way to challenge yourself and join the CrossFit 7220 community-- and every workout relea

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