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Meet Your Coaches


Our group of talented, well-rounded coaches are a lot like you outside of the gym. They are parents, teachers, scientists, hunters, students, mountain bikers, runners, musicians, and physical therapists. They chose CrossFit for the same reason that you have.  They aspire to be more fit to enhance every aspect of their daily lives. They understand that CrossFit is a real challenge and even walking into the gym is a big deal for many of you. Trust us, our coaches have been there too.  Ask any of them about getting butterflies before a tough workout.


Our team is here to help... in every way.  When you walk into 7220, our promise to you is that you will be surrounded by a tremendously supportive team of coaches who really care.


All of our coaches are CPR/AED certified and each one of has specific skills that can help you with every element of your CrossFit experience.    Click on any name to find out more about them.


Mike and Nicole are two of the four coaches in Wyoming who hold the CF-L3 credential. 

Mike Dorssom

 Coach and Co-Owner

Nicole Bleak

Coach, Co-Owner, PT

Toby Marlatt


Whiteboard Artist

Jake Morrison

Rachel King

Jessica Stonum

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