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 Weightlifting at 7220

Weightlifting Fundamentals 

New to Weightlifting? Looking to improve your technique to be better in the box? Weightlifting fundamentals is for you! Join Coach Gabi 2x/week (M/W) to learn the fundamentals of the Olympic movements! This class will focus on the correct technique for optimal and efficient movement in the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. If you are new to the bar, this is the best place to start. Our 8 week on-boarding program is designed to teach the correct positions and set the correct foundation to develop your Weightlifting potential. This class is the start to ensure you are ready for more aggressive training in our 7220 Weightlifting Class.


7220 Weightlifting 

The 7220 Weightlifting Club meets 3 times a week (T/TH/Su) and trains to maximize your Snatch and Clean and Jerk potential. We train to compete! We strive to attend 3 meets per year and train for it following a well designed, periodized, macrocycle training. We focus on the advanced nuances of Weightlifting and push ourselves each session! This class is designed for athletes who are looking to specialize in weightlifting and hit big lifts! Join Coach Devin and start your Olympic journey!


To join this class, you must receive prior approval from Coach Devin or Coach Gabi. This class is not designed for beginning Weightlifters but is perfect for athletes with experience in the Olympic movements!

Reserve your spot on the  schedule.

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