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The 2017 CrossFit Open is officially underway and we can't wait to see what's in store after a grueling first workout! If you are new to the Open this year, you may have some questions........

Who submits my score?

YOU do! There is a "submit score" option on the CrossFit Games site. You have until Monday at 5:00 pm* to submit. You can withdraw your score if you entered it incorrectly or repeated the workout and have a new score to submit. Please leave your score sheets signed by your judge in the gym so Mike has it for validation.

*The CrossFit Games Site has had technical difficulties this week so the deadline to submit has been extended.

Why doesn't my score show up on the leaderboard right away?

Your score has to be validated by Mike. He will do this periodically between Friday and Monday. Deadline to validate scores is Wednesday.

If I do one workout scaled, do I have to do all of them scaled?

No! You can choose either option for each workout. Keep in mind, the athletes that perform a workout scaled will fall below all athletes who performed it 'Rx' but there is not a separate leaderboard for 'scaled' and 'Rx',

What is my responsibility as a judge?

You are responsible to keep track of repetitions and to be sure that every repetition is performed at the standards set for the workout. We recommend counting every rep out loud. Please stay attentive during the entire workout and take judging seriously. There have been boxes in the past who have lost their CrossFit affiliation due to reports of inaccurate judging. It's tough to 'no-rep' a fellow athlete, but it has to be done if the rep falls short.

As a judge you are not allowed to touch any equipment during the workout unless it poses an immediate danger to an athlete.

As an athlete, you should enjoy performing a workout without the mental stress of having to count and keep track of reps and rounds! Make it easy on your judge by performing movements at full range of motion.

Who will be doing the workout at the next Friday Night Lights?

We will likely run multiple heats of the WOD on most Friday Nights so we hope to involve as many athletes as possible! If you are interested, contact Mike or Nicole. We'll contact those on our list on Thursday night after the WOD is announced. If you missed the first Friday Night Lights, be sure to hit the next 4! And don't forget to bring a canned good for admission so we can help replenish the soup kitchen!

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