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Mindful Mondays

As part of the 2018 CrossFit 7220 Nutrition Challenge, you are encouraged to incorporate a “Mindset” activity into your daily life. Each week, Gretchen Claude will present “Mindful Monday” to guide your intention for the week.

What is mindfulness anyways? Simply put, mindfulness is being fully aware and present in our thoughts, actions and feelings and not overreacting to the circumstances we find ourselves in. Although simple in concept, the execution of mindfulness daily may be more challenging. How often do you find yourself trying to focus on multiple tasks simultaneously? Do you find yourself performing tasks by just “going through the motions,” rather than considering why you are doing them? We hope that you can use the next several weeks to incorporate some of these mindfulness exercises into your life for health.

Week 1: Mindful Body

As CrossFit athletes, we are accustomed to being “mindful” with our movements to increase performance and decrease risk of injury. However, often we lose this intentional mindfulness of our body awareness outside the gym. This week, your goal is to be aware of your body outside of the gym. Take 3 minutes once (twice, three times….) a day to practice this mindfulness in body awareness.

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