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Enhance understanding of your body with the InBody 570 composition analysis

Empower yourself in managing your health with this innovative tool that accurately assesses your body composition in under 45 seconds! 

Instead of fixating solely on the number on the scale, dive deeper into what constitutes your physique:

  • muscle

  • fat

  • water


By honing in on these elements, you can actively work towards shedding excess fat, building muscle, and maintaining optimal hydration levels in different regions of your body.

You'll receive a comprehensive results sheet showing skeletal muscle mass, percentage of body fat, body fat mass, basal metabolic rate, and visceral fat level.


By monitoring these components over time, you can quit guessing whether or not you are on the right track when you make changes in your diet or exercise habits. 


1 scan:  


2 scans:  


pay for 2, get one scan now and one later


Monthly scans:


billed monthly

x 6 months

(no refunds or cancellations)

CrossFit 7220 Member Pricing:


1 scan:


2 scans:


pay for 2, get one scan now and one later

Monthly Scans:


billed monthly

x 6 months

(no refunds or cancellations)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why get scanned?

  • Check visceral fat level (to determine if you are at risk for certain diseases)

  • Get a precise BMR reading (Basil Metabolic Rate = number of calories you burn at rest)

  • Motivation to make change (or maintain current habits)

  • Accountability (sign up for monthly scans to help you stay on track)


With your body composition results in hand, you can better determine if change is necessary. Once you implement any changes, repeated InBody scans will allow you to track exactly what's happening inside your body. The scans will take the guesswork out of setting goals and creating habits that will help you achieve lasting success and enjoy the process along the way. Before you do anything different with your training or nutrition, you need to know where you’re currently at. 

What do I wear for scans?

Lightweight clothing. You only need to remove shoes and socks. Remove all heavy objects such as jewelry, watches, wallets, belts and jackets.

How long does the scan take? 

The scan itself takes less than one minute. Plan on 15-20 minutes total so there is time to review your results (which will be printed out for you to keep).

Is the test safe?

The InBody test poses no risk to your body as it is entirely safe and harmless. Unlike Dexa Scans, it does not expose you to any radiation.

How do I get the most accurate results? 

It is recommended to test every 2-4 weeks under similar conditions in order to effectively track progress (i.e. get your next scan around the same time of day when possible).

There are a few things to do and to avoid prior to your scan:


Maintain your normal fluid intake the day before

Stand upright for at least 5 minutes prior to scan

Use the bathroom 



Eat or exercise for 2-3 hours prior

Consume alcohol or excess caffeine for at least 24 hours prior

Shower or sauna right before your scan

Use lotion/ointment on your hands or feet

What is healthy body fat percentage?

Men: 10 to 20 percent

Women: 18 to 28 percent

Can I pay for it through Wodify?

No, the InBody is charged separate from Wodify. Cash, check, card accepted. 

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