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Are you ready to quit avoiding or subbing out workout movements because of pain in your shoulder, back, knee, etc?  Do you find that  "taking a break" from exercises doesn't fix the problem? 

The solution is finding the root cause of your pain and addressing it with exercises targeting areas of weakness and impaired mobility. Work with a physical therapist to learn what your body needs for optimal function and performance. 

7220 Physical Therapy strongly believes in continuing your fitness while rehabilitating an injury to maintain mental and physical health.  P.T. sessions are held in your gym environment so you can implement exercises specific to your needs whenever you come in for a workout. 

Chat with Nicole today to discuss whether physical therapy sessions might benefit you! 

7220 Physical Therapy is an out of network cash* based model which allows me to spend more time with you. In traditional insurance based clinics, reimbursement rates are continuously decreasing. This means providers must squeeze in more clients per day to break even.  At 7220 PT, you will never be rushed or passed off to someone with less education. You will always receive one-on-one care you deserve.

A Superbill (or receipt) can be provided upon request for proof of services so that you can submit claims to your insurance company who may reimburse you for the physical therapy services provided. 


*cash, check, Venmo or credit cards accepted

Single Session $80

pre-paid packages:

6 sessions: $400

8 sessions: $500

12 sessions: $700

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