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Community Outreach

CrossFit 7220 is a safe haven for those that want to get together in good company with others looking to better themselves through fitness. CF 7220 welcomes all who are humble, hungry, and happy. Our community is grounded in promoting health and wellness while caring about each other regardless of political affiliation, religious beliefs, socioeconomic status or any other cultural differences. CrossFit 7220 offers affordable membership and continues to find ways to provide accessible fitness to the community.


Healthy Kids Rx is a non-profit organization developed in 2017 with the intent of making our youth program more inclusive. All youth in the community are invited and welcome to attend for no cost. In addition to weekly classes for youth, Healthy Kids Rx has provided free weekly PE class to Open School children, free team training for athletic teams, youth nutrition education throughout the community, and field trips for students. Healthy Kids director serves on the Albany County School District Wellness Committee. HKRx was the recipient of the 2020 UW Marvin Milgate Community Outreach Award


Downtown Clinic Fitness Club:  CrossFit 7220 has been partnered with the Downtown Clinic since 2018 to provide a free supervised fitness class for low-income, uninsured  community members who receive healthcare at Downtown Clinic. 


Mission Redefined Wyoming:

CrossFit 7220 is partnered with Mission Redefined Wyoming to provide free CrossFit membership to veterans with disabilities. 

University of Wyoming:

CrossFit 7220 greatly values the relationship with University of Wyoming and specifically The Division of Kinesiology and Health:

  • Annual CF7220 Nutrition Challenge includes Dexa Scans and anthropometric measurements conducted at UW who's staff also compiles data and produces pre/post reports.

  • Vicky Kmetz scholarship provides intern opportunities at CF 7220 for UW students each semester.

  • CF 7220 provides functional fitness class lectures and labs to K&H students each semester.

  • CF7220 provides free weekly class for UW/LCCC students.

  • UW students volunteer at HKRx classes. 

  • UW allows CF 7220 holds outdoor workouts at War Memorial stadium. 

Adults with Disabilities: 

CrossFit 7220 began free class for ARK clients in 2017 for adult individuals with disabilities such as down Syndrome and autism.


CrossFit 7220 is one of the few boxes in the world that does not charge drop-ins. The CrossFit 7220 community LOVES meeting people from different cities, countries, and communities. CF 7220 is proud to house one of the friendliest CrossFit communities in the world! 


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