Friday Night Lights 18.1

Congrats to our 6 FNL competitors for a WOD well done! Haley Pickard Tyson Markham Amanda Robertson Evan Levi Gabi Perea Anthony Castano

Bob's Story

CrossFit 7220 is much more than a gym. It's a place where lifelong friendships have blossomed, where self-confidence has been restored, and where better health has been discovered. Sure, some days you may just come in and workout and go on with your busy life; but we hope you all realize the amazing individuals that work beside you each day. Many have struggles that they're still trying to overcome, others have trials yet to come. CrossFit 7220 is a place to find strength, healing, and support. We thank all of you for being part of this special community in your own special way. Speaking of special..... thank you Bob Hooker for sharing his very personal and inspiring story! I am an addict. I

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