The Spartan Among Us

Crossfit 7220 long-time member, Steve Bieber recently completed in the 2019 Spartan Trifecta World Championships in Sparta, Greece. 2 day event: Day 1: 10 miles with 35 obstacle then, 5 miles with 30 obstacle Day 2: 15 miles with 50 obstacles Steve was the only participant over 60 years-old who finished both days. When we told him what an amazing accomplishment this is--he had a one word reply: "CrossFit" Way to go Steve!

Sugar and Processed Foods

We hear there might be a few folks who could benefit from a post-Halloween sugar-detox? Although it may be unrealistic to propose we will never eat sugar again, it isn’t a bad idea to step away from it once in awhile since the more sugar we eat…. the more we crave it. "Sugar is the alcohol of the child" - Dr. Robert Lustig Refer to this post from January that touches on 20 dangers of sugar. Caution: we are about to get science-y: but understanding a few of these concepts might help us make better food choices as we discuss 2 of the different types of sugar. Fructose and glucose are metabolized very differently. Both are simple sugars (single molecules) . Starches like rice, pasta, and potato

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