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7220 Nutrition Kickstart

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Is your current diet preventing you from becoming the best version of you?

Are you struggling with losing weight or maintaining a weight loss?

Are you ready and willing to make changes and be held accountable?

Introducing a new program at CrossFit 7220. This is not a “challenge” or a competition, rather an opportunity to devote time and attention to nutrition and creating sustainable habits. Although there is an end date to the supervised program, the intent is to “kickstart” dietary change that continues for a lifetime.

Program will run September 19th - November 20th

Priority early registration for CrossFit 7220 members August 23rd - September 1st

Registration opens for non-CrossFit 7220 members on September 1st.

Registration closes Sept 7th.

*Spaces are limited in order to give sufficient time and attention to all participants.

Sept 8-14: complete individual assessment, receive nutrition plan

Sept. 15th: initial group meeting, payment due

Sept 19th: official start

9 week Program cost:

$275 for nonmembers of CF 7220

$225 for those with CF 7220 monthly unlimited membership

(total due September 15th)

Hopefully “buying-in” to this program results in more buy-in. Although you won’t be paying weekly, it may help to consider the weekly cost of the program. Eating at home instead of a dinner or drinks out each week will not only improve your diet, but offset the $25-30/week that this program costs.

Participants who complete the 9 week program will then be eligible for a maintenance program at $50/month which includes: weekly weigh-in, monthly measurements, food log reviews, recommendations, ongoing education.

9 week intensive program includes:

  • initial individual assessment (weight, measurements, photos, intake review)

  • individualized nutrition plan with calorie and macronutrient recommendations

  • weekly weigh in, monthly measurements

  • nutrition and behavior modification education

  • 4 group meetings

  • final individual assessment/measurement, program review and sustainability recommendations

Week 0: individual assessments, receive individual plan

Week 1*: Monday, September 15th

meet and explain plan, answer questions

Week 2: send out info to read: answer questions via text and email

Week 3*: October 3rd - 9th weigh-in, group education/discussion

Week 4: October 10th -16th: weigh-in

Week 5*: October 17th - 23rd: weigh-in/measure, meet

Week 6: October 24th - 30th: weigh-in

Week 7: October 31st - November 1st: weigh-in

Week 8*: November 7th - 13th: meet at a group (no weigh-in)

Week 9: November 14th - November 20th: final weigh/measure

*group meetings during these weeks


Must be willing to weigh and measure food at some points during the 9 weeks. A food scale will need to be purchased if you don’t already own one.

Pre/post photos taken in minimal clothing.

Exercise: Must engage in exercise 30-60 min 4x/week minimum- active

on other days.

A healthy lifestyle often requires some degree of sacrifice. If you don’t have time or are not willing to make time for meal prep, weighing/measuring food, exercise, or nutrition counseling/education, then this program may not be for you. This is not a quick fix. It will require time and effort on your part. Please consider this before you make a commitment and financial investment.

Optional additional testing: (not included in program cost)

Dexa Scan $85 per scan or $140 pre/post

Email to register or with any questions.

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