Injury doesn't have to result in becoming less fit.

Getting to the gym on a regular basis is a real struggle for many. We've already addressed the "too busy" excuse (click here if you missed it), now we'll address anther reason many use to "take time off." Occasionally we'll run into someone around town who we haven't seen in months. They'll tell us they injured their _____________________ (you fill in the blank), then got out of the habit of coming. Whether you hurt your knee snowboarding, slipped on the ice and sprained your wrist, or developed a sore elbow after a WOD; it is possible (and important) to get back in the gym and do what you can as long as you do the following: 1. REST. Obviously immediately after many injuries, it's importa

2017 Nutrition Challenge Results!

If you participated in the challenge and made changes, even small ones, then you are a winner! We hope you'll continue down a path that leads to better fitness and health! Thank you, again, Derek and Marci Smith and the UW Kinesiology Department for making pre/post Dexa Scan's possible! We had 144 participants. 85 completed the challenge. Total body weight reduction 293 pounds Total loss in body fat= 143% Total loss in waist circumference 147.9 cm! 29 pounds of lean muscle mass was added Why DO we want lean mass? increases metabolism so you burn more calories even while doing nothing! helps battle disease contributes to strong bones battles obesity prevents insulin resistance (Type II Diab

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