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As many of you know, Foundations class has changed to a more individualized program allowing us to customize the on-ramp process according to each person's fitness level, experience and limitations. In addition to teaching movement patterns, Foundations Coaches also discuss CrossFit philosophies, and more specifically CF 7220's philosophies. For instance, we use the mantra: Mechanics -----> Consistency ------> then Intensity (MCI) What does this mean? Develop proper mechanics with consistency before worrying about increasing intensity (or load). Foundations is also a time where we determine if an individual is the right fit for CrossFit 7220 (and they determine if we are the right fit for th

Spread the CrossFit Love this February!

So the sugar and alcohol detox is coming to an end. We know some never started, some did it for a week or two, and some stuck to their guns for all 30 days! Regardless, we hope you move forward with a better awareness of the sugar contained in foods and how much of it you were consuming as well as the effect alcohol can have on sleep, blood sugar, performance, and food choices. Keep the sugar and alcohol to a minimum and fill your diet with the healthy stuff! Since February is here we'd like to help you celebrate the one you love. Have you tried to convince your spouse or significant other to try (or come back to) CrossFit? Of course you've experienced the positive changes it's brought about

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