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We are CrossFit 7220: Humble, Hungry & Happy!

As many of you know, Foundations class has changed to a more individualized program allowing us to customize the on-ramp process according to each person's fitness level, experience and limitations.

In addition to teaching movement patterns, Foundations Coaches also discuss CrossFit philosophies, and more specifically CF 7220's philosophies.

For instance, we use the mantra:

Mechanics -----> Consistency ------> then Intensity


What does this mean?

Develop proper mechanics with consistency before worrying about increasing intensity (or load).

Foundations is also a time where we determine if an individual is the right fit for CrossFit 7220 (and they determine if we are the right fit for them). Our community is the most vital part of CrossFit 7220 and we want to make sure any new members will contribute to our extraordinary group of people.

So we thought we should let you know what we've been saying about you!

The members of CrossFit 7220 are



& Happy

We realize some might have an "H" (or two) they need to work on a bit more, but for the most part we feel the culture at CrossFit 7220 embodies these core values.



-embrace feedback

-growth mindset, looking to learn



-take one for the team,

Celebrate Mistakes

-identify weaknesses and celebrate them as opportunities to improve

-stretch yourself - find the learning zone

-Iterate - try again

Integrity of Movement and Repetitions

- performing every workout with an honest effort

- never sacrificing ROM or not performing all reps for the sake of score

- only posting scores that reflect the work actually done

- knowing that shaving reps for score (vs. scaling) only impedes personal progress and causes distrust among fellow athletes and coaches


Work ethic

-finish it: don’t do anything halfway


-indomitable spirit

-perseverance and passion for long-term goals

-no shortcuts


Pursue Excellence

-set greatness as the standard

-work on it until you are so proud, you want the world to see it!


Positive & Optimistic

-never complain, whine, or make excuses


-feeling grateful for the opportunity to workout in an awesome place with awesome people

Giving Back

-always looking for ways to lend a hand inside and outside of the "Box"


-CrossFit 7220 is much more than a gym, it's a place where we build friendships

We are so thankful for all of you hungry, humble, and happy people that make CrossFit 7220 so much more than "a gym!"

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