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Are you ready for Wodify on Thursday?

We hope you'll join us for class Thursday for a short WOD, a ROM WOD and some practice with WODIFY! You can try to sign up for class Thursday beforehand through Wodify, but if you are confused or unable to, just come anyway and we will walk you through it!

Here are some frequently asked questions re: WODIFY (our scheduling and payment system)

Will membership fees change? NO! Member rates will remain unchanged with student discounts, spouse discounts, and punch card options still available. Spouses will be set up so that one spouse is charged $180.00 and the other is charged $0 (you'll both still need to enter in payment methods). If we missed setting up you and your spouse, just let us know and we'll fix it for you.

I am a punch pass user! Will I lose punches when we make the switch? NO! We've already credited you for punches on your account. You'll see that they carried over once you start using Wodify (there may even be a few extra if you use them in the next few days).

Will all my data from the current site be moved to Wodify? NO! You'll be starting with a clean slate! You are welcome to plug in any data such as benchmark WOD scores or 1 RM lifts into your profile. We encourage you to log scores after all WOD's (if you don't do so already) so that you can see your progress. We will give you a new URL to this site so you can still access data if you wish.

Will I be able to change from monthly unlimited to punch pass? YES- if you need to adjust your account, just let us know and we'll change it at anytime.

Why Auto-Renewal? Currently for unlimited monthly WOD's, you are prompted at the end of each month to "update your subscription". With auto-renewal, the monthly fee will be automatically deducted from your bank account or credit card (as you indicate on set up). You'll be sent an email receipt but will not need to do anything to continue signing up for WOD's. Of course, we can take you off of auto-renewal at any time but we think you'll find that it is much more convenient.

Will there still be wait lists and notifications? YES! You will also sign into classes you attend either on your phone (download the WODIFY app) or at our kiosk.

Do I have to keep logging in the WODIFY app?

You shouldn't. Some have found that they are asked to log in every time they go into the app on their phone. Try logging out and logging back in (be sure to "allow notifications"-- you won't be bombarded with messages). If you continue to be prompted to log in each time, delete the app from your phone and reload it.

Please let us know of any other questions or problems you are having. Thank you for working with us to develop a new system. In just a few weeks, this will all be simple and smooth for everyone!

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