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WOD with Integrity

At CrossFit 7220 we highly value a community that works hard, supports each other, and takes pride in their performance regardless of the level they work at. We encourage every athlete to scale movements and adjust reps as needed to get maximum benefits, prevent injury and to work within the boundaries of one’s current fitness and skill level. Just remember when you scale weight or reps, you should not click or write “Rx.” It is also helpful to write your modifications in the comments so other athletes have some ideas for scaling.

Posting scores on the gym or online whiteboard is always optional but for many it helps cultivate a competitive atmosphere that is motivating and inspiring. Some may never post or even look at the whiteboards. Others utilize the online whiteboard to track their personal data and performance progress. And others think of the whiteboard as a personal “stamp of approval” after they’ve laid it all out there and worked hard for every rep! When someone scores ahead of them while doing significantly less work it is frustrating to those posting honest results.

The trainers at 7220 are here to judge the safety and effectiveness of your movement— not your character, but we assure you that holding yourself accountable to both movement standards and repetitions will not only improve your physical fitness, but your mental toughness. The reality is, our coaches and many of our athletes have been around long enough to know what’s possible and what is not; therefore, it's unlikely that your rep-shaving or AMRAP-inflating is a secret!

So if you cut out some reps because you just can’t finish a WOD (it’s too hard, you’re just not feeling it today, or something actually hurts) no problem! Just make sure you record what actually transpired. If you miss a rep here and there because you’re WOD drunk and it wasn’t your intention, no biggie-- one rep won't change a score much– just do better next time. But if you’re purposefully cutting reps or even adding them during an AMRAP, then we encourage you to take a personal oath today to hold yourself to a higher standard and WOD with integrity! You’ll be stronger for it!

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