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So you wanna do a pull-up?

For many, pull-ups are a major fitness goal.

By following a specific program targeting the required muscle groups, the dream of a pull-up can become a reality!

The goal of this program is to inform and encourage athletes on a systematic strategy for completing a pull-up. This program is intended to be completed in addition to scheduled WODs. If consistently followed (along with body mass recommendations—see below), an athlete should expect to see progress towards goal within about 6-8 weeks. This program is designed to strengthen weaknesses rather than strengthen ability to perform a scaled version. Our philosophy is that you should be able to perform at least 3 strict pull-ups prior to progressing to kipping. The rationale: if your shoulders are not strong and stable enough for a strict pull-up, you are at HIGH risk of injury performing a kipping pull-up due to the forces developed with the acceleration of the swing.

Body Mass:

It is important to recognize the role of body mass and body type when tackling the pull-up. Strength to mass ratio is a term often used in strength and conditioning to describe the ability for an athlete to move their body through space. The larger the mass of the individual, the stronger the individual has to be to pull him/herself up. By achieving an ideal body mass range and athlete will be more successful in completing the pull up goal.


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