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Sign up by July 21st!

Register HERE!

Cost is $30.00 for kids and $40.00 for teens.

On July 29th CrossFit 7220 will be all about the kids! Don't miss out on this fun day of activity!

Ages 5-12 will participate in non-competitive events in the morning. divided into age groups for workouts and a Ninja Warrior Course. Ages 5-8 will receive a score card with judges notes on movements. Ages 9-12 will receive score cards as well as a printed copy of their overall rankings in each event (but there will not be an online leaderboard).


obstacle course: jumping, climbing, crawling

pull-ups (regular or jumping)

tire flips (small tires)

single under jump rope


running 200 meters or less

medball throws over shoulder

air squats

mountain climbers

KB deadlift

Teens will participate in 3 competitive events in the afternoon and will be divided into the following age groups: ages 13-14; ages 15-16; ages 17-18. All events have been posted on Competition Corner.

The teen competition will feature a scaled and Rx division and will be judged and scored as an adult competition using an online leaderboard. 1st, 2nd, 3rd place will be recognized for each age group and gender. Parents may enter kids 12 and under into the 13-14 year-old division at their discretion.

Rx or scaled division is determined at registration. Athletes must perform all movements in all events as written for their division.


Teen Rx division:

unassisted pull-ups (kipping ok)

assault bike

deadlifts (13/14 y/o 75/55#; 15/16 y/o 95/65#; 17/18 y/o 155/105#)

400 m run

DB snatch (13/14 y/o 20/15#; 15/16 y/o 25/20#; 17/18 y/o 40/30#)

DU's (single unders 3:1)

Clean and Jerk (no minimum weight) & optional skills

Teen scaled division:

jumping pull-ups

assault bike

deadlifts (13/14 y/o 75/55#; 15/16 y/o 95/65#; 17/18 y/o 155/105#)

400 m run

DB snatch (13/14 y/o 15/10#; 15/16 y/o 20/15#; 17/18 y/o 30/20#)

single unders

Clean and Jerk (no minimum weight) & optional skills

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