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New Trainer, New focus

CrossFit 7220 welcomes Nickie Sauls as the newest member of our coaching staff. She is currently coaching Sunday afternoons and Thursday evenings and is excited to take over our UW student group training this fall.

Nickie is from Rancho Cucamonga, CA (Southern California). She has a Bachelor's in Kinesiology and is here in Laramie working on a Master's in Exercise Science.

She's been coaching CrossFit for 9 months and coaching/programming powerlifting for 1 year.

She's learned great tips from her step dad who is Westside Barbell Certified.

Do you want to get stronger? Barbell (Oly) Club Thursday nights at 6:30 pm is currently focusing on power lifts. We all know that improving our strength in the deadlift, squat and bench will translate into improved olympic lifts, injury reduction, and better performance in WOD's. Reserve your spot on the schedule! Beginners welcome!

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