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Hey Ladies!

We all know that exercise and healthy eating help prevent many diseases, but we also need to get those important yearly exams for early detection of anything that might cause us health problems in the future.

Since October is Breast Cancer Awareness month we want to remind all of our ladies >40 to schedule your mammogram if you haven't yet had yours in 2017!

If you aren't yet 40, then remind your mother, aunt, sister, or friend to get theirs!

If you've already had your mammogram within the last year (or once you get it done), treat yourself to one of our special KB shirts! If you aren't yet mammogram-age, get a shirt when you help convince a loved one to get theirs scheduled!

Email if you'd like to purchase one. $25 will be charged to your Wodify account once the order is processed.

Please specify: unisex or women's cut T-shirt or tank size S,M,L,XL, 2X

*Right now these shirts are word-less. If you come up with a saying that we end up printing on it, you get your shirt free!

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