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Are you eating enough?

In the midst of a nutrition challenge aimed at shedding body fat, you may be surprised to continue to hear us tell you to eat more! When you did your calculation did you take our suggestion to enter in a "0" for goals even if you want to lose weight? Simply adjusting your macronutrient proportions to 40% CHO, 30% PRO, and 30% FAT will produce significant results.

If you are wanting to shed a few pounds, we know how difficult it is to believe that restricting calories will NOT result in long term weight loss. Chances are you've tried this and you either lost weight for a short while, got "stuck" at a certain weight, or didn't lose at all.

Dr. Philip Goglia, nutritionist and author of, Turn up the Heat, helps explain why:

"When you do not ingest enough calories to efficiently fuel your metabolism, you will lose some superficial weight over the short term. Eventually the weight loss ends when the body becomes more adept at making do with less. But eventually your metabolism--as a result of reduced calorie heat--will cool down to the point at which it will stop utilizing calories efficiently and your weight loss will stop. If your body doesn't have enough calories to adequately fuel and repair itself, it will be forced to cannibalize its own muscle tissue for energy, gradually increasing your fat-to-lean muscle ratio. People are unaware that the body experiences hunger as trauma. To protect itself, it will respond by cooling your metabolism and hoarding fat."

"When you do not ingest the correct caloric amounts and the proper proportions of macronutrients that your body needs to repair and nourish itself, you will feel exhausted, anxious, and irritable. This is not a healthy physical, mental, or emotional state to be in for weeks or months on end. Somehow we've been taught to attach value to these symptoms, seeing them as positive indications that the diet is successful. "

"You can't change your weight and body composition for the better unless you add appropriate nutrition to your exercise program. A workout breaks down muscle tissue, creating the potential for physical change. The key to changing the physique is proper nutrition to repair that broken down tissue."

Do you relate to Sarah or Ted?

Sarah wanted to become slender so she decided to severely drop her calorie intake and cut down on protein. She also increased her exercise regime to 2 hours/day. But instead of getting firmer and leaner, she became soft and "mushy".

Ted wanted to get rid of fat around his waist so he severely decreased his calorie intake as he increased his exercise. But instead of getting rid of his fat, Ted found his body began wasting muscle tissue and hoarding fat.

Once Dr. Goglia increased Sarah and Ted's caloric intake with the appropriate nutrient proportions, their body fat decreased and their lean mass increased.

You've likely tried calorie restriction in the past. We've given you the formula to find your individualized calorie and macronutrient goals. Don't fiddle with the numbers and decrease the calories thinking you'll see more success. Try feeding your body exactly what it needs instead of starving it and let the magic happen!

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