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Improving nutrition little by little leads to big results

Some of you are settled in to a routine of logging your food and coming close to hitting those macronutrient goals each day. You may have started to notice your clothes fitting looser and better energy in workouts and throughout the day.

Others may have done well for a few days or even a week but then reverted back to previous eating habits and decided "I just can't do it" or "I just have too far to go to get to that end goal." We know how difficult it is to change habits and to make fitness and nutrition a priority in your life when maybe it hasn't been for years... or ever! We want you to "get back on the horse" and realize that the Nutrition Challenge isnt really about what happens in 6 weeks. It is creating a life-long change, one that won't happen all at once or overnight, but will gradually improve the quality and likely the length of your life.

Please take a few minutes and watch both of these videos, then start implementing those small but good choices that, over time, will end up producing big results. Don't keep saying "I'm going to eat this then I'll start tomorrow." You can learn to eat in a way that allows for the occasional indulgances without negative consequences or feelings of guilt.

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