Remember those goals you set last spring? Do you struggle to find time to work on skills you are lacking or need to improve? Double Unders, Pull-ups, Muscle Ups, T2B, Oly lifts.......

We are excited to start a new small group skills class in November that will focus on those goals you set. The coaches will instruct you in helpful progressions and accessory exercises that lead to results!

Each week will focus on a different skill and the class will be offered at two different times each week to hopefully accommodate various schedules. If you are interested in this class, quickly fill out your preference for times to offer it HERE.

November classes will focus on pull-ups

(strict, kipping, butterfly, C2B) as we take on

NO-BAND November!

That's right, no bands allowed for pull-ups in November!

You can utilize other pull-ups scales but we want to encourage you to break away from the band and see what you are capable of!

Learn accessory exercises to get you closer to that first pull-up, then those who demonstrate sufficient shoulder stability through strict pull-ups will learn and perfect the mechanics of kipping.

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