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You must food prep!!!

You've heard it from us and have probably found out for yourselves that being prepared sets us you for nutrition success.

Plan: create a menu, make a grocery list

Prepare: cook meat, chop veggies so you have ingredients ready to assemble for a meal or pack for a lunch.


Breakfast-- make and freeze breakfast burritos, smoothie packets, check out these quiche cups!

Lunch-- cook a big batch of lean meat and vegetables, quinoa, healthy chili, or soup. Separate into containers so lunch is ready to grab and go.

Dinner--- put together ingredients for crockpot meals, dump it in the crockpot in the morning so dinner is ready when you come home from a busy day.

--don't forget about soups! Such a great way to sneak in a lot of veggies and an easy meal to cook in the slow cooker while you are gone all day.

--make a double batch of a meal and freeze the leftovers so you have a healthy meal on hand ready to thaw, heat and eat. Some will even make up freezer meals to last a whole month!

CLICK HERE for food prep ideas and recipes!

Here's some food prep tips from someone who does it right. Thanks for sharing, Gretchen!

1. Variety is NOT the spice of life. Choose a few options that you rotate through. Makes planning and prepping more efficient. I have 8-9 “seasonal” meals that I rotate for dinners for a few months at a time

2. Prep once, cook all week. E.g. if you know you’ll need peppers for your stir fry, salads, chili etc wash and cut them in one day and put them in a separate container so when it’s time to cook, it’s one less step.

3. Plan ahead! Pick one day to plan meals for the week and try to only shop once for the week. Cuts down on urge to pick up something unhealthy on the way home and decreases spending at the store!

Here are some before: after pics for smoothies prep (we use them for breakfast and lunch)

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