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You'll want to read this!

Did you choose not to do the detox because you didn't want to or didn't think you could do it?

Then YOU likely need it more than anyone else!

Join us, it's never too late!

Some of you have survived the first week of detox, some maybe only lasted 2 days? Don't throw in the towel. Start again and get a buddy to keep you accountable. Cutting back on sugar can really transform your body and your health. It definitely did for CrossFit 7220 athlete, Jonathon Rhoades.

"I committed to eliminate all soda and carbonated beverages from my diet. I committed to avoid foods high in sugar, especially added sugars. I would stick to a new balanced diet high in protein and low in fat and sugar. As I followed this new diet I began to see results in the form of weight loss. I learned to enjoy new foods that fit within my new lifestyle. I learned to politely say "No thank you, I am no longer eating those things." when offered donuts, sweats, and other foods that didn't fit into what I had committed to eat."

Read about his entire transformation here: "My Journey to a Healthy Lifestyle."

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