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Taming the Sugar Monster and More inspiration!

So if the detox only lasts 30 days, how will this pay off in the long term? Although sweet foods are tempting and delicious to most people , the more sugar you eat, the higher your tolerance becomes. So if you have a strong sweet tooth or intense cravings for sugar, chances are not that you were born that way, but that your dietary habits and food choices created the sugar monster you may have become. Fortunately, we can reverse this tolerance in just a couple of weeks by cutting out sugar. Once you have decreased your threshold, something that tasted perfectly sweet a few weeks ago, will begin to taste too sweet to eat, and that can help you reduce your intake of the sweet stuff.While the occasional sweet treat won't make or break your weight loss or your health, many people have trouble stopping after a sensible portion or saying no to sugar when it's available. If you feel out of control around sugar, then a sugar "detox" is a great way to reduce your cravings, eat better, and bring sugar back to where it belongs: as an occasional treat that you consciously choose to eat in a mindful manner, not a daily treat occurrence that controls you. -Lauri Watson Registered Dietitian

Congratulations to Gentry Isaak who came to us in 2015...110 pounds heavier than he is today. Gentry is an example of persistence and dedication as he put in the hard work day after day, week after week to improve his health and change his life! Read his story below:

My workout experience at CrossFit 7220 over the last 3 years have transformed my body and my outlook on life. I was topping the scale at 270 pounds with a whopping 50-inch waistline. Due to my cardio induced asthma I have always been obese, fat, or overweight and unable to physically participate in most to all activities. Over the years I have tried every weight loss boondoggle there was under the sun, but nothing seemed to work. One December evening I was complaining to my sister in law, who at the time was going to 7220, about my weight. As a late Christmas present she bought me the boot-camp for January and a subscription for February as a birthday present. I started slowly but regularly attending 5-6 days a week, as well as, going on the Paleo diet. With the combination of dieting and regularly going to classes, I accomplished my goal to lose 110 pounds and decrease my waistline by 20 inches. The combination of a proper diet, regularly working out, and the theory of muscle confusion really changed my body. I feel I’m in the best physical shape of my life and really look forward to my daily classes. There is a place to start for everyone at Crossfit 7220 no matter age or skill level and I would recommend this to anyone looking to get healthy and change their body image. If it worked for me, it can work for you.

~ Gentry Isaak

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