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Back to the Basics

Building a strong Foundation

As another Open comes to a close, it's time to evaluate ourselves and what we need to work on. Whether you officially signed up or not, you likely tried the workouts and have an idea of where you fall short. Even if you don't plan to ever sign up for the Open and CrossFit, for you, is simply a workout; we can tell you your "workouts" will be a lot more fun and effective if your technique, skills, and strength improve.

So it's time for you to set goals so we can help you achieve them. Please click here to document your goals.

To start our journey toward improvement we are hitting the reset button this week as we go back to the basics...

“Think of it as a marathon, not a sprint”

A Coach at Empire CrossFit said it well...

CrossFit can be overwhelming at first. We want to achieve the "sexy stuff" (lifting heavy weight, kipping/butterfly pull-ups, muscle ups). When we ask “How can I do that or what do I have to do to get that?”, most want a shortcut which isn’t going to cut it in the long run. Those shortcuts often lead to bad technique and even injury over time.


Sometimes we forget what we’re trying to do, because we just want that “end product”. But if you take a step back, all the movements we do in CrossFit stack on top of each other. That’s why we should look at our corrections and technical improvements as “progress”. Your ability to improve your performance is based on how proficient and efficient you can move.

Instead just put your head down and put in the work. Your overarching goal should be the ability to move well, do things with integrity, and be able to work at your full potential. Don’t count the days you’ve been in the gym and how much you suck at doing XYZ. Focus on what you can improve by taking the time to practice and perfect it.

As coaches in a CrossFit gym, our goals are to get you moving with virtuosity, in a safe manner, and to build your foundation with strength and technique that will help you arrive at your potential.

So how does one achieve perfect positions whether the movement is simple or complex?

It’s a very simple formula:

LEARN THE MOVEMENT + PERFECT THE MOVEMENT = solid base foundation to perform COMPLEX movements!

There is a clear reason why coaches are consistently drilling the basics. This is because there is a natural progress in the movements we do in our sport and if there are any fundamental weaknesses, they’ll only be magnified the more complex a movement becomes. (I.E. Air Squat to Overhead Squat)

Obviously, there are things we need to make adjustments to before we can get you under load, and through more complex movements.

In other words, keep it simple before you rush to do some complex stuff!

  1. Learn the basics

  2. Spend time PRACTICING and perfect it .

  3. Embrace your progress and the JOURNEY

This will inevitably lead to

  • Creation of a strong and stable foundation to build upon

  • Building confidence in yourself

  • A lifetime of CrossFit to help improve everyday life and improve your overall wellness.

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