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2018 CrossFit 7220 Nutrition Challenge

We are so excited to be embarking on our 8th Nutrition Challenge Journey! We've seen amazing transformations in the past and can't wait for more to come! If you've done the challenge in the past and were not successful logging food--- this is the year for YOU!

Although we will stay true to the basics of good nutrition:

We will NOT be weighing, measuring, logging food this year

Other good reasons to sign up for the Nutrition Challenge:

1. Summer is Over

Camping trips, vacations and BBQ's had us all eating and drinking a bit more than we had hoped for.

As we return to more consistent schedules, let's clean up our diet and get back on track so we don't continue down the road to Chunktown.

2. Your Friends are Doing it!

Eating right is HARD so let's not try it alone. Join a community of like-minded people who want to improve their diet and change their lives. When we do it together, we have support, feedback, recipes, and high fives!

3. Dexa Scans!

Time to face the truth and get a detailed look at your body composition, fat distribution, and bone density. It's quick and painless- you don't even have to get naked!

We get a smokin' deal from our friends

at University of Wyoming Department of Kinesiology.

Go anywhere else and you'll pay $200-300 for ONE scan. You are getting 2 for $60!

4. You'll look better naked

Always a bonus. But in reality your focus should not be what you look like in the mirror (notice you don't see many mirrors in CrossFit gyms?) nor should it be a number on the scale. Instead, direct your attention to how you feel when you workout, when you go on a hike with friends or family, or when you wake up feeling energized and ready to tackle the day. Once we focus on our health and how our bodies function, we'll be in it for the long haul (and as a result we'll look better, too!)

At this point you likely fall into one of the following categories...

Not a "CrossFitter" but need to make a change:

No need to attend CrossFit classes or to be a current member of CrossFit 7220 to participate in our Nutrition Challenge. We do invite you to drop in for a Saturday morning workout sometime (7:00 or 8:00 am) to try it out for free. We promise great things when you pair a healthy diet with an elite strength and conditioning program! Our next Foundations Class (for beginners) happens to also start on October 1st.

Email to sign up for the class!

CrossFit "Newbie"

Maybe you are thinking you should just focus on getting to workouts? If you want to feel better during those workouts, get stronger, leaner, and look better in the long run, you must not ignore the importance of Nutrition! Remember it's the base of that pyramid!

Nutrition Challenge Drop-out

Maybe you've done the challenge in the past and ran out of steam, didn't stick to your plan, and didn't even get your post-challenge Dexa scan..... Let us help you make this time different! We know nutrition is HARD so don't do it alone! Work on it this fall with others to help motivate and guide you.

Nutrition Challenge Pro?

Yes, we know many-- and guess what?---they join us for the Nutrition Challenge year after year (that's why they are pro's!) If you are one of the pro's we'll need you to help mentor others along the journey you've been on before! And let's face it, even the pro's have room for improvement.

OK then, what’s the basic plan?

No meal replacement shakes, no restrictions of one food group, no low calorie starvation diet. Our plan involves eating REAL food. We want you to balance your macro-nutrient intake (Protein, Carbohydrate and Fat) so that your body runs like a well-tuned engine. If you are eating too less of one macronutrient and too much of another, the engine just doesn’t want to run right. Ask any of our members who have adhered to this plan and they will fill you in on how effective it is.

Quality foods will be the key to your success. We’re going to suggest that you stay along the periphery of the grocery store where you’ll find plenty of great meats, veggies and fruit. Staying away from or cutting down on anything processed will help you immensely. Follow the mantra of: “Eat meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and NO SUGAR”, you will have success beyond your wildest expectations.

(Pulling sugar completely out of your diet may be a real challenge so we are going to help you reduce sugar intake as much as possible and balance the macros accordingly.)

We are committed to helping you every step of the way with tons of support and educational materials.

Be sure to attend the Nutrition Challenge Kick-off Friday, Sept. 28th at 7:00 pm to get instructions and all the tools you'll need to get started!

Within 24 hours of registering, you'll be emailed a link to schedule a Dexa Scan.Don't put it off! There are limited appointments available.

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