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Mindful Monday 10/15/18

Week 3!

By now, you have settled into the routine of food trays and perhaps your belly has adapted to the increase in veggies!

We often think of our guts as primarily processing our food. This is true, but our guts are intimately connected to our emotions.

If you have 10 minutes, watch this- it may truly change your decisions about how and why you eat!

For your mindful practice this week follow the suggestions: (cliff notes version listed below):

1. Slow down your eating.

2. Know your body’s hunger signals (Are you eating out of emotional reaction or hunger?)

3. Sit down to eat and eat with others. (As a added bonus, families that eat together have better relationships, make healthier food choices and children get better grades among other benefits)

4. Eat foods that are nutritionally satisfying, not emotionally satisfying.

5. Consider where your food comes from.

6. Avoid distracted eating.

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