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Everyday is a good day at CF 7220!

Mindful Monday

Week 3: Mindful Thoughts

This week, the intentional mindfulness exercise is focused on your thoughts. Often our thoughts become our reactions, our reactions become or actions and this becomes our perceived reality. This can be a recipe for disaster if our thoughts are negative or self-deprecating. Read below to guide mindfulness to help understand what we are thinking, in the moment we are thinking it. Specifically this week, work on decreasing the negative self-talk….e.g. I’m no good at CrossFit because I can’t (insert your nemesis movement here). You got this!

Introducing Music Mondays! Wear your fav band T-shirt and the coach must play at least one of their (non-explicit) songs during the hour.

Back by popular demand: Wildlife Wednesdays tap into your inner animal on Wednesdays and wear it on your chest

Half-shirt Thursdays pull out (or cut out) your fav half shirt every Thursday!

If you don't own a half shirt, see Josh Dorrell's instructions for DIY half shirt below: Step 1: find a T-shirt Step 2: cut off the bottom

also new on Thursdays:

Throwback Thursdays! Every Thursday we'll program a benchmark WOD or a WOD we've done in the past (could be a month ago, 6 months ago or a year ago). If you logged your scores when we last did the workout .you'll be able to compare scores and measure your progress. If you don't typically log your workout results, now you have a reason to start!


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