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"F" your feelings when it comes to FOOD

Well, another Nutrition Challenge has come to an end. We know some had amazing results and we can't wait to celebrate your accomplishments at the CF 7220 Holiday Party on Saturday December 1st!

Hopefully you've developed new habits that will stick. Maybe it's cutting out snacks or eliminating/reducing bread and other processed foods from your diet.

We are entering into a challenging time of year and we hope you don't revert back to many of your poor eating habits just because "it's the holidays!"

Sure, we should indulge a bit and enjoy that slice of pumpkin pie next week, and if we are eating clean and watching our portions outside of the big holiday meal, it won't have an overall negative impact.

As I've thought about some parting advice to wrap up the challenge and start wrapping up gifts, I am reminded of some words of wisdom from our friend, Ben Bergeron in regards to becoming EXCELLENT:

"F" your FEELINGS!

If I ate what I felt like eating, then I'd likely eat a donut for breakfast, a grilled cheese for lunch and pizza for dinner. (Yeah, I love bread and cheese just like the rest of you!)

Of course we all "give in" once in awhile and have to get back on track, but...

If I always listened to my FEELINGS...

  • I would watch Netflix instead of prepping food for the week.

  • I would take a nap and order out instead of going to the grocery store.

  • I would eat out 90% of the time instead of 10%.

  • I would go to the movies and buy everyone a big tub of buttered popcorn instead of cooking a healthy dinner for my family.

  • I would grab a Twix bar at the checkout stand when I'm ravenous and don't have any food with me.

  • At the store, I would buy quick and easy things like frozen chicken nuggets and boxes of Mac 'N Cheese instead of fresh produce and healthy meats.

  • I would've had a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats for breakfast today instead of cauliflower, ground beef, and eggs. (Man, I used to love that cereal!- Truth is I still love it, just don't eat it)

Eating healthy is a sacrifice of time and treats; a sacrifice that most of the world is not willing to make. This is one of many reasons why obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, and other chronic diseases are killing people and costing the economy billions of dollars. The fact is much of the food industry is just playing into the “feelings” of people by lying to consumers and using marketing to get us to make choices based on our feelings.

There are NO shortcuts or magic pills. Everyone has many of the same feelings as you. Make the decision to silence the tempter in your head that says, "I don't FEEL like eating vegetables for breakfast, I don't FEEL like passing up this cupcake at work, I don't FEEL like going to the gym, I don't FEEL like packing a lunch instead of grabbing fast food........"

"F" those FEELINGS! We know you can do it because you can do hard things like thrusters and assault bike! Quit being complacent, quit making excuses and take ownership of your nutrition! We are here to help!

~Coach Nicole

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