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Seems like we just did the Open 6 months ago......

Well, we did!

Since CrossFit is moving the Open to October,

we get TWO Open's in 2019!

For those new to CrossFit.... The Open is a worldwide online competition. It costs $20 to participate. A workout is released every week for 5 weeks. Scores are submitted online where athletes can view their rankings amongst CrossFitters all over the world. The top competitors get an automatic invitation to the CrossFit Games next summer.

Not an aspiring Games Athlete?

Most who sign up are not! Even if you scale the green circle version of every WOD, the Open is a great way to challenge yourself and join the CrossFit 7220 community--

and every workout released has a scaled version!

This year every CrossFit 7220 athlete who signs up for the Open will be placed on one of three teams.


Every time you complete an Open WOD, your score will be combined with your teammates scores to determine the team in the lead. You'll contribute to your team no matter what you score on the workout.

There are other ways you can earn points for your team:

1 - Team Spirit Points: wear a costume (it is October after all)

2 - FNL Bonus Points: earn points for your team when you

do the Open workout at Friday Night Lights!

3 - Bring a friend to try CrossFit on a Saturday morning at 7:00 or 8:00 am

4 -Top 3 finish Points: bonus points (male and female top 3

finish in both Rx and Scaled versions of WOD)

CLICK HERE to sign up for the Open!


When do I do the Open workout?

The workout is announced every Thursday night, you'll have until Monday at 5:00 pm to do the workout and submit your score.

The Open WOD will be the workout of the day in every class on Friday for the next 5 weeks. So even if you are not officially signed up for the Open, you'll get to try all the workouts!

What if I can't make a class on Friday?

You'll also have the option to do the workout during class on Monday or at any open gym, be sure to make arrangements for someone to be there to judge you.

Can I do some workouts "Rx" and others "scaled?"

Yes! Workouts are offered in both "Rx" and "scaled" versions as well as differences for ages and male/female.

Can I do the workout more than once to try to get a better score?

Yes! You can do the WOD as many times as you like between Thursday night and the Monday night submission deadline.

How does my score get submitted?

You are responsible for submitting your score on the Games website by Monday at 5:00 pm (*posting on Wodify is not sufficient). Your score is then validated by Mike and Nicole.

What is Friday Night Lights?

A CrossFit 7220 Open tradition! For the next 5 Fridays, we'll have athletes go head-to-head as they perform their Open Workout with the CF 7220 community cheering them on!

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