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COVID-10 Closes CrossFit 7220

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

The owners and staff at CrossFit 7220 have been in constant communication regarding COVID-19. We have been continuing to follow updates and information released by epidemiologists, physicians, public health officials as well as local and state government regarding their specific recommendations for the Laramie community.

While we all have a desire to stay fit and healthy to avoid being adversely affected by any virus, we also have a social responsibility to protect at-risk populations. Even if those individuals who are more susceptible stay at home, they are still at risk of being exposed by those who do not.

To do our part to protect everyone in the Laramie Community, CrossFit 7220 will be temporarily closing effective immediately until further notice.

Anticipated FAQ's:

How do I stay in shape?

We will post daily online home WODs on the Wodify App and on Facebook and Instagram. We encourage everyone to post their scores, photos, comments on social media so we can all stay connected. Let's give virtual high fives whenever possible! Healthy Kids Rx will also post home workouts for kids.

Do I get refunded for my membership?

We ask that those who are financially able to do so, consider continuing to support CrossFit 7220 and other local businesses through what will surely be a tough economic time. Since the duration of our closure is unknown at this point and since March payments have already been processed, those requesting refunds for the remainder of March will receive a discounted April membership.

Are we still having a Nutrition Challenge?

We will post-pone the start of our Nutrition Challenge until sometime after our doors re-open. We encourage you to take advantage of any extra time you may have right now to prepare nutritious meals and focus on good nutrition for your whole family!

We understand (and relate to) any disappointment you may have regarding this decision but also know that our humble, hungry, happy CrossFit 7220 family realizes this is both necessary and temporary. The health of our entire community is our number one priority.

In the meantime, eat healthy, get plenty of rest, wash your hands and stay positive! By taking extra precautions and being sensitive to the needs of our community, we will all get through this together and be back stronger than ever!

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