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The current restrictions are temporary and could change at any time. Of course we hope for fewer restrictions in the weeks and months to come, but we also need to be prepared for the possibility of tighter restrictions in the event COVID-19 cases significantly increase in our area. 

Below is the list of restrictions outlined by state government officials under the advisement of the Wyoming Department of Health. Underneath each is a description of how CrossFit 7220 will specifically comply in order to allow use of the gym and equipment while keeping our athletes and community safe.

“Gymnasiums may be open in a limited capacity, under the following restrictions enforced by staff of the facility:”

1. Staff must wear face coverings at all times.

  All CF 7220 coaches will wear a mask or covering over their mouth and nose while 

   checking in athletes and supervising the gym. Athletes are not required to wear masks.

2. Staff must be screened at the beginning of their shift for symptoms of illness and must be screened for exposure to a person with COVID-19 in the past 14 days.   

All CF 7220 coaches will be instructed on self-screening for symptoms prior to their shift.

3.  Staff with symptoms of illness or known exposure to a person with COVID-19 in the last 14  days are not allowed to work.

CF 7220 coaches will not work (or workout) if they have symptoms or known exposure. We, of course, expect the same from athletes. 

4. The facility must maintain a record of customer usage, by date and time and recored of staff working hours in the event contact tracing is necessary. Sanitizing measures must be taken on the instruments used for recored keeping between use.

CF 7220 will continue utilizing Wodify which tracks all of the above data. It is important that athletes reserve a spot for the hour they will be attending the gym in order to track attendance as well as control the amount of people in the gym each hour. Those that show up without reserving a spot will not be permitted to stay if the gym is already at capacity. If athletes sign up and have a change of plans, we ask that they please cancel at least 2 hours in advance in order to allow someone else to take their spot.

5. Close-contact activities are prohibited including: personal training, weight lifting requiring spotters and any other close-contact activities.

CF 7220 will not be scheduling Foundations or any personal training sessions. Coaches will limit movement throughout the gym. Weightlifting that requires spotting will not be permitted.

6. Workout equipment must be no less than 6 ft. apart and be cleaned by staff between uses.

No sharing of any equipment. No partner or team workouts. Mobile equipment must be brought to the athlete’s workout space and used in that space until workout is complete. When using a pull-up bar or rings at the rig, athletes must position themselves 6 feet apart. Spots on the rig cannot be shared. Climbing ropes and sandbags will not be used until further notice. Communal chalk buckets will not be used (each athlete will have a labeled ziplock bag of chalk they can keep in their bag or leave at the gym). 

Cleaning of equipment: Staff will clean equipment as it’s returned to racks and after each gym session during the 15 minute buffer between sessions.

7. Handwashing/hand santizer must be readily available.

All athletes must wash hands or apply hand sanitizer upon entering the gym. There will be hand sanitizer available throughout the gym in addition to the 5 handwashing stations. Athletes should be mindful of items touched other than gym equipment such as water cooler, door handles, whiteboards and markers.

8. No more than 9 patrons are allowed to be in a given room or section at any given time. 

CF 7220 will allow 13 athletes in the main gym during each structured gym session: 6 athletes in the west section of the main gym between the garage and center rig and 7 athletes in the east section of the gym between the center rig and east wall of windows. 8 athletes will also be allowed in the garage space. 

9. Group workout classes are prohibited.

Athletes can reserve a spot for an hour-long supervised structured gym session to use the facility and equipment. There will be a suggested warm-up and workout posted in order to control equipment use and movement throughout the gym. Athletes can show up anytime within the hour to warm-up, perform the workout, and cool down but must leave at the end of the hour so the next athletes can enter the facility. To avoid large groups of athletes crossing paths between gym sessions, there will be at least a 15 minute buffer between sessions. Those wanting to primarily lift or do a different workout than what is suggested should sign up for use of the garage space. 

10. Overall number of patrons cannot exceed 1 person per 120 square feet and patrons must maintain physical distancing during their workout.

There is 5,271 square feet of workout space at CF 7220.

21 athletes will be permitted to use the gym each hour (this allows 251 square feet of space for each athlete which is more than double the minimum requirement).  

21 athletes x 120 square feet = 2,520 square feet  (less than half of the overall workout space)

Important Additional Notes:

SCHEDULING: As noted above YOU MUST RESERVE A SPOT to attend a structured gym session. **PLEASE NOTE: Many session times are slightly different than class times offered in the past along with the addition of new times. If a structured gym session in the main gym is full, sign-ups to use the back space are under the program heading "Garage Session" in the Wodify Class Schedule.

PROCEED WITH CAUTION: The suggested workouts we program and post will intentionally be low volume. Athletes should make further adjustments to the workout parameters to avoid extreme soreness or injury. Even athletes who've been doing regular home workouts may need to scale down workouts and/or take additional rest days in order to ease into gym workouts again. Coaches are available during each gym session to help personalize workouts for each athlete.

DROP-INS: Due to current restrictions and the need to control numbers in the gym, we will not be allowing community members without CrossFit experience to drop-in on Saturdays (or any other day).

KIDS: Since our state government has advised further closure of schools to prevent rapid spread of the virus, we will also avoid gathering groups of kids together at the gym. It is unrealistic to expect our youngsters to maintain social distance and keep track of everything they touch. We hope to bring Healthy Kids Rx classes back in late summer or fall, but until then we will not be permitting youngsters into the gym. We know that it can be tough for parents to get to the gym when kids are at home and not in school, but at least for the short-term, kids are not allowed to hang out while mom and dad are at the gym. Athletes 18 years and older who have a monthly membership or punch card (and CrossFit experience) may attend gym sessions that they reserve a spot for. 

SENIORS: There will be 2 special sessions per week (T/TH 9:30 am) for older individuals to attend. We ask that others do not attend these sessions in order to protect this population. Healthy seniors who have regular contact with anyone at high risk should still avoid attending these sessions. To sign up for this session, select "CrossFit Seniors" under Programs in the Wodify Class Schedule.

FINANCIAL CONSIDERATIONS: If your income has been adversely affected by COVID-19, please contact us so we can discuss options you may have to still attend the gym.

****REMINDER: as stated in the email: ALL EQUIPMENT MUST BE RETURNED Friday 9am - 12 or Saturday 10am - 12.

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