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Dorssom's Detox Diary

1/4/21 -So I’ve decided to keep a bit of a journal for this sweets and alcohol detox. Today is officially day one, and I am feeling good. 2020 was a very strange year indeed, and I picked up some pretty bad habits around eating and drinking. Namely, eating too many sweets and drinking too much booze. So this is going to be a great way to start building more positive habits! I know that this will be my most difficult detox yet, but I’m feeling very positive at the moment!

I’m going to try using a few new apps to help me along the way. The first I’ll talk about here is called Streaks. Streaks is a super simple task manager, that keeps track of your daily tasks. I have a handful set up, and am shooting for a 30-day streak for all of them during this detox! Here are a few I’m shooting for:

-No Sweets

-No Alcohol

-18 Hour Fast

-7 hours of Sleep

-Take Vitamins

-Post the WOD on Time

I’ve got a few more that I won’t divulge for fear of you thinking I am a crazy person, if you didn’t already know it. One last thing, I am going to post my weight now and at the end of the detox. Weight is a terrible indicator of general health and fitness, but it sure is easy, so that’s what we’ll go with. I don’t expect to see a huge change in 30 days, but I guess we’ll see! This morning, I am 199.5 lbs. Trust me, this is as light I as could get myself. It’s morning, I haven’t eaten, I had a nice poop, and even took off my watch. I’m glad to see I didn’t break 200 but boy do I have some work to do! Let’s do it together.

Until next time...


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