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Dorssom's Detox Diary entry #3: Football and Fasting

We’ve made it 10 days ya’ll! Surely these first 10 days are the hardest, and the next 20 will go even more smoothly. As expected, last weekend was the real challenge so far. The NFL, clearly uninformed as to the goings-on of the CrossFit 7220 community, decided to have a weekend with SIX playoff games. That’s roughly 20 hours of weekend time that I would have been spending beer in hand.

Making it through that weekend without a single sip of booze gives me confidence that I can make it through the rest of the playoffs!

In terms of my other streaks, I’ve not broken a single one. I can say with 100% confidence that this is the most days in row that I have showered in my lifetime.

Daily 18-20 hour fasts has been fun actually. I tend to be one of those “all-or-nothing” types, so it is a lot easier for me to not eat anything, than it is to eat well. I think everybody that knows me, knows that is my deal. What this is leading to is the DUMBEST NUTRITION EXPERIMENT in history. During this detox, I am doing only a 6-hour eating window every day, but I’m eating whatever the hell I want during that window (minus sweets and alcohol). I suppose we’ll see how it goes, but I refuse to weigh myself until the end. Hopefully I don’t gain weight!

Quick Refresher: There are a couple of key reasons I love intermittent fasting, aside from that “all-or-nothing” mentality I struggle with.

  1. Becoming more insulin sensitive. IF is a great way to control blood sugar and increase how efficiently glucose is transported from blood to cells. Reducing the amount of insulin needed to regulate, has great health benefits!

  2. Fighting inflammation! Chronic inflammation has been linked to all sorts of terrible things that we want to avoid, such as heart disease and cancer.

Well there we go, let’s finish up this second week strong and start looking better naked. If Kamie lets me, I’ll start posting nudes along with these entries. (I have some very tasteful shots of her from our honeymoon 25 years ago.)


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