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Dorssom's Detox Diary: Sweets, Sleep, Showers

1/5/21 - So day one was a resounding success! No cold sweats, no passing out, no uncontrollable shaking. I’m going to take that as not being an alcoholic and breathe a sigh of relief. Hardest part was the fast I think. My own experience with fasting for the past couple of years has taught me that it takes a week or two for my brain to stop sending those hunger signals so strongly at about the 8-12 hour mark. Once they subside a bit, it really isn’t that hard. Remember, if you are trying fasting for the first time, that the feelings of hunger do not last. Once you start feeling hungry, it doesn’t mean that you will keep getting hungrier and hungrier until you eat. In fact, after about an hour of feeling hungry, my hunger usually goes away completely. At about the 18-hour mark, I’m ready for some food though, that’s for sure!

So when it comes to sweets, I am staying away from anything considered a dessert. I’m also not drinking any sweetened or artificially sweetened beverages. I know that this is not very “hardcore” for a nutrition challenge, but I want to set myself up for success, rather than failure. I will continue to eat BBQ sauce no matter the sugar content, and if anybody tries to shame me for my salad dressing of choice, I’m going to have them look closely at their own lives, there must be some serious trauma there.

1/6/21 - Slept well last night, even though I stayed up a bit later than I should. Another thing I’m trying to do during this detox is get more/better sleep. It is hard to get to bed early enough when your day starts so early. (CrossFit 7220 owes Toby a debt of gratitude we will never be able to sufficiently pay, thank you Toby for coaching so many 5 AM classes.)

I’m using the sleep tracking on my watch. It is interesting to see that in the past couple of nights my heart rate really spikes 4-5 hours into my sleep, then really plummets right after to its lowest rate of the night. I’m just going to assume that Kamie is secretly taking advantage of me in the middle of the night because I’ve become such a stud during the detox.

(Update: starting to feel some withdrawal symptoms from the sugar I think.)




1/7/21 - Last night my sleep was deeper and it has been harder to wake up in the mornings. I’m stoked that I am already seeing a positive outcome from cutting back sugar and not having any alcohol.

Also, I’m going to “come clean” on one of my secret streaks. It is taking a shower every single day during the detox.

Well, my streak is at 3 days in a row right now and I’ve never felt dryer in my life. I don’t know how you daily cleaners do it. But I’m going to hang in there. Pretty sure if I make it to 30, it will be a lifetime PR, and Kamie will have to think twice about divorcing me over my lack of haircut.

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