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  • Nicole Bleak

Why the Whiteboard?

I’m not interested in competing, why should I care about writing my score down?

  • Because we are a CrossFit Box and the whiteboard is part of the CrossFit culture to encourage community, accountability, and intensity.

  • Because we all should be proud of showing up and accomplishing a challenging workout no matter how we scale it.

  • Because It may motivate others to push harder, to scale more, or go for a PR!

  • Because we will likely work harder knowing our score will be posted.

“It has been scientifically proven that when you know you’re results are going to be observed by others you will put forth more effort. When you plan to post and/or share your score you will work harder!” - Ben Bergeron

For some, logging scores challenges them to push harder in order to get a good score, but it’s not really about RX-ing or “winning”.

One of the beauties of CrossFit is the ability to modify and scale workouts for everyone who walks through the door regardless of age, athletic ability, fitness level, or injury status so that we can all work at a similar (relative) high intensity.

And remember.... high intensity exercise has been proven to be very effective in acquiring and maintaining health and wellness!

So even if we're not trying to out-run, out-squat, or out-fitness our buddy, we should always be competing with our "yesterday self."

When we go a step further and record scores on Wodify, all data is stored for us and we're essentially creating a workout journal. While CrossFit thrives on variety, we do occasionally repeat workouts in order to measure progress. Adding our results to Wodify allows us to compare today's score with our past performance…

Am I getting fitter? Did I move faster? Did I lift heavier?

So... when we know we'll be writing our score on the board and/or posting it on Wodify, we're more likely to allow ourselves to become a uncomfortable, push ourselves a little more than we’d like, and pursue a little bit of that “better” we’ve come to expect from the effort we’re putting into the workout.

So join us on the WHITEBOARD every week and help CF 7220 foster a sense of community, a weekly diary of folks who have thrown down and suffered those brutal WODs either next to us, before us, or after us. It might just give us a little bit of motivation on those “yuck” days where we just need a little kick in the arse.

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