Get soda out of your diet!

We know that sugary and artificially sweetened beverages are not great for us. If you avoid regular soda to prevent obesity, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases but are satisfying your soda craving with diet pop, you are still putting your health at risk. 30 % of Americans consume at least 1 Diet Soda per day. Read 7 things Diet Soda is doing to your body HERE. Recent research discovered yet another reason to kick your Diet Coke habit. Studies found that compared to never drinking artificially sweetened soft drinks, those who drank one a day were almost 3X as likely to have an ischemic stroke, caused by blocked blood vessels. They also found that those who drank one a day were nearly 3X

Goal Work Motivation!

Have you put off working on your goals? Have you discovered that although your plan for working on goals is fairly easy to do, it's also easy not to do? Each decision you make NOW, will influence your results in the future, in a compound effect. Click here and it will all make sense!

So you wanna do a pull-up?

For many, pull-ups are a major fitness goal. By following a specific program targeting the required muscle groups, the dream of a pull-up can become a reality! The goal of this program is to inform and encourage athletes on a systematic strategy for completing a pull-up. This program is intended to be completed in addition to scheduled WODs. If consistently followed (along with body mass recommendations—see below), an athlete should expect to see progress towards goal within about 6-8 weeks. This program is designed to strengthen weaknesses rather than strengthen ability to perform a scaled version. Our philosophy is that you should be able to perform at least 3 strict pull-ups prior to prog

WODism for Autism a huge success!

What were you doing at 2:00 am Sunday? These athletes were doing 50 Thrusters! THANK YOU to the AMAZING CrossFit 7220 community who never disappoints when it comes supporting a great cause! Total money raised from ticket sales and donations and silent auction: $7,314.70. (Matched dollar for dollar by a generous donor!) total raised: $14,629.40 to support Wyoming Institute for the Disabilities and The Equestrian Center at Ark 9 Teams 100s of participants $850 in sponsorships Over 90 athletes participated in the annual Light It Up Blue WOD at 1:00 pm Average number of athletes in final 5 WODS (12 am to 4 am) : 30 Final WOD at 4:00 AM = 30 Athletes With 24 WOD's to complete, there really wasn't

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